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Pure Water and AquaNui’s mission is to Improve the Quality of Life by Improving the Quality of Water™. We are proud to offer a program that spreads awareness about the best quality water distillers designed and manufactured in the United States. From our space-saving countertop water distillers to our convenient automatic units, no other company offers a distiller with a better design coupled with the ultimate in water purity.
Are you passionate about health and wellness? Do you believe in consuming only the purest, contaminant-free water available? Do you have a following or client base who is asking advice on their journeys to good health? Consider joining our affiliate program! We offer 10% commission on our countertop water distillers and 20% commission on our automatic water distiller purchases. Be empowered to earn money while helping others discover the benefits of fresh, distilled water. We are so grateful for our affiliates, and we want to continue to spread the word.

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